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Stay Property is a company that provides both local and foreign nationals with service in the property sector in and around Alanya through the policy of reasonable price by making investment in our personnel and technology.

Our company that intends to be a leading and dominant company in the sector has a property portfolio to meet all kinds of pleasure and different demands. We are continuing to offer distinguished property which will gain appreciation from our customers and can turn their assets into an investment.  We are continuing to develop in the way to be a global company with our corporate identity and technical background each passing day. We offer all kinds of assistance to local and foreign nationals in order to introduce our country, Antalya and Alanya and show hospitality of Turkish people. Our ultimate objective is to be leader in Property and construction sector, set an example for other companies and turn into a trademark preferred by everybody.

You can get the most suitable property for your dreams and ideals. You are at the right address to turn your assets into an investment and earn a lot in the future. To offer accurate and reliable services is an issue we place emphasis as a company. To make our customers a homeowner and to offer prices under market conditions within the frame of ethical values fall into our fundamental philosophies. Customers’ demands and requests are main factors to form our policy. In this context, we listen and implement studiously demands, requests and recommends from all customers without exception. Our policy “Accurate Property to Accurate price” has been continuing. We always give priority to form a portfolio of preferred property that is affordable for everyone, is to be made investment and will gain increase.

Our main service area is sale of property and property services for rent. In addition, we carry out document preparations and application periods required for bureaucratic procedures of our customers with our experienced personnel. Besides, we are continuing to offer renovation, cleaning, repair, renting a car, insurance policies, visa and residence permit procedures for foreigners, furniture purchasing, white goods needs and similar services in company with professional companies we have collaborated. We attach great importance to certain issues such like quality, transparency, honesty, customer’s satisfaction, reasonable price and on-time delivery. We are happy to offer service in Alanya that is one of the most beautiful tourism places in the world, introduce the county and make local and foreign nationals an owner of property in Alanya.

All these works, policies and our main purpose are to turn Stay Property to a world’s leading brand. Our works have been continuing in this direction. Local and foreign nationals who prefer Antalya that is the capital of tourism and Alanya, our beautiful county, would never be sorry. We are as close as a phone when you need property. You can fill “We call you back” form on our website. In case you fill this form, our professional customer representatives will call you as soon as possible. You will be informed on kind of information about region and properties by our company employees. When you want to know more details, then we want to entertain you in our company center or our offices. We will be really glad to see our customers leave happily and make a profit in the future. Within this frame, our services in Alanya continue for local and foreign nationals.

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