111 – Квартира в одном из престижных комплексов Алании


150 m2



Год постройки: 2013
Расстояние до моря: 800 m
Инфраструктура объекта

Stay Property presents a 2+1 flat apartment in Cikcilli district of Alanya.


The apartment will impress you at the first glance with its premium style. To make sure that you will feel the shiny vibes of Alanya, the apartment is 800 meters away from the sea. 


The flat apartment consists of 2 bedrooms and 1 living room with an american kitchen. Its total area is 150 square meters. To assure your comfort and well-being, the complex offers such facilities like a swimming pool and various recreational areas. 


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Вероятность получения ипотеки с нами 98%

Кристина Гливкая
Илона Арнашова
Ульяна Коркмаз
Анастасия Рябкова
Елена Горяинова