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5 reasons to buy property in Alanya from Stay Property:

Profitable price

Profitable price

The cost of an apartment or villa from the construction company will be much more profitable compared to similar real estate on resale.

Large selection of Properties

Large selection of Properties

In our portfolio you can choose property for every taste and budget, from small apartments to luxury penthouses and villas on the Mediterranean coast.

Full pre-sale service and time saving

Full pre-sale service and time saving

Our clients get the opportunity to arrange real estate as soon as possible, without worrying about legal nuances. Specialists will take care of all the tasks associated with legal registration and pre-sale preparation.

Impeccable reputation

Impeccable reputation

Only positive feedback on cooperation, the search for individual solutions for each client. We value the reputation, so we offer the most honest and transparent work environment at a consistently favorable terms.

Legal review

Legal review

Before adding property to the company’s portfolio, Real Estate undergoes a mandatory check for legal cleanliness and actual condition. You can be sure of the reliability of the chosen solution and the safety of investments.

Turkey apartments

Properties in Turkey

The most favorable and affordable offers only with Stay Property.




Good afternoon. In January 2021, he purchased an apartment in Alanya. I would like to express my gratitude to the managers of Stay Property – Olga and Dmitry, excellent specialists in their field, plus everything decent, responsive and open in communication. They accompanied me at all stages of the transaction when buying an apartment from the choice to the execution of all the documents, provided advice on some issues of life and living in the Republic of Turkey, for which Olga and Dmitry once again thank you very much. For potential buyers of real estate in Alanya I recommend the above-mentioned specialists of the companies – Stay Property.


I would like to express my enormous gratitude to the sales manager of Stay Property – Ilona! She is an excellent specialist in her field and a very good person. She accompanied me at all stages of the purchase of an apartment – from the choice to the preparation of all documents, and answered many of my questions quickly and competently. And besides, Ilona is a very responsible employee and a very pleasant person to talk to. I recommend this specialist to all buyers. And I wish Ilona success in everything, Stay Property further prosperity !!!

Grigory Kislov

My immense gratitude to Stay Property for their direction and assistance in my quest to purchase property in Alanya – finally, my dream has been realized, to move to a country with a super climate and without the snow and frost of winter. My motivation was the fact that my children had become very sick and my doctor advised a move to a more favourable climate. Special thanks to Cristina for her assistance, her attentiveness and professionalism, and for the patient answers to all my many questions.

Vladislav Raskolnikov
A while back when in Moscow, i contacted Stay Property about buying real estate in Turkey. I was looking for an apartment in Alanya and with their help, decided to purchase a 3+1 apartment – with sea views – in the Mahmutlar region. Now, after having the whole family join me, we now consider Turkey our home and will be looking to renew our residency permits very soon. Many thanks to the managers Ulyana and Svetlana for their professionalism.

StayProperty – ваш надежный партнер
Компания STAY PROPERTY – агентство недвижимости полного цикла и застройщик в едином лице. Вам будет предложен полный спектр профессиональных услуг в области продажи недвижимости в разных регионах Турции, самые низкие цены и большой выбор объектов на первичном и вторичном рынках. За годы работы накоплен уникальный опыт, позволяющий оперативно подбирать объекты под любой бюджет и пожелания заказчика с максимальной рентабельностью. Мы знаем потребности клиентов и самые выгодные с инвестиционной точки зрения предложения турецкого рынка.
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Добро пожаловать на Alanya TV – самый креативный канал о недвижимости, жизни, бизнесе и инвестициях в Алании (Турция)! Мы стараемся создавать свой контент так, как этого еще никто до нас не делал. Интересует жизнь у моря? Хотите купить квартиру в Алании? Или рассматриваете переезд в Турцию на ПМЖ? Тогда наш канал – то, что вам нужно! Мы делаем для вас обзоры недвижимости у моря, чтобы вам было проще

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