Статистика рынка недвижимости Турции за февраль. Спирос, сделки, цены

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Residency in Turkey
Currently, visitors entering Turkey on a tourist visa can stay for a maximum of 90 days in any 180 day period – these days do not have to be consecutive.All foreign property owners (and long-term renters) are eligible to apply for a Residency Permit. Property owners sho...
An Introduction to Alanya
The coastal resorts of Turkey welcome many millions of tourists every year. One of the most attractive of these resorts is Alanya, affectionately and rightly known as the ‘Pearl of the Turkish Riviera’ – only by visiting can you truly appreciate why this title is so app...
What will I Pay?
As mentioned previously, property prices have rocketed in recent years – only a couple of years ago it was possible to buy 1 bedroom apartment at an entry level price of around 39.000 € – these days, the same apartment would cost around 70.000 €! Current tre...
Why are Property Prices in Alanya increasing so rapidly?
First of all, there is the supply and demand factor. In addition, the cost of construction materials has increased. A lot of these materials are sourced from overseas. As most of these materials are invoiced in US Dollars or Euros, then factor in the weak Turkish Lira a...
Top 10 Reasons to Buy Property in Alanya – with Stay Property
1. The Cost of LivingThose of us that have been in Turkey for some time will appreciate how much cheaper is it to live here than in our native countries – this rings true for pretty much all aspects of daily life, be it shopping at the supermarket, eating out, taking a ...
В Аланье построят новые школы
В Аланье построят новые школыВ Аланье построят новые школыангл

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