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Video from our YouTube channel Alanya TV (Russian)

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Прогуливаясь по Тосмуру, вы точно видели этот свободный участок. И думали: “Что же там построят, сколько будет стоить квартира?”. Дорого. И она того стоит.
Обзор На Все Пляжи Алании, Турция: Пляж Инжекум и Пляж Клеопатры в 2022. Где Купаться в Алании?
Дарья расскажет почему самая дорогая недвижимость в центре города, покажет знаменитый пляж Инжекум в Авсалларе и объяснит различие между пляжами Махмутлара и Каргыджака.
Проект Элитных Таунхаусов в Алании Где Купить Недвижимость Турции?
Наталья расскажет о прекрасной локации, покажет строительную площадку и фото будущего комплекса Таунхаусов.

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Umit Kozak

Real estate in Turkler from the developer

Turkey is a popular destination for holidays. Every year, tourists from different countries come here. This is due to relatively low prices for accommodation and recreation, mild climate and a lot of entertainment. Many foreigners are interested in real estate in Turkler from the developer.

Turkler is an area that is located away from the central part of Alanya. It has everything you need for your daily life: stores, cafes, restaurants, boutiques with clothes. The shopping malls are attractive for shopping. Oriental bazaars delight with an abundance of local fruits and cheap products that rival market prices.

Stay Property offers proven properties in the Turkler area. It has everything you need to live. Legal clearance of the home is guaranteed. It is possible to choose a property on the secondary market.

Characteristics of infrastructure

Real estate in Turkler is located in the tourist area, which is remote from the center. Because of this marked a lower property prices compared to the center. This is a lot of new buildings, which meet all standards. The apartments and apartments are designed for comfortable living. There are quality finishing, furniture and appliances.

The region is developing because of the tourism. The beaches of the coastal area. There are sports and children’s playgrounds for the fans of healthy lifestyles. The roads are equipped in such a way as to ensure the comfortable movement of pedestrians and drivers in cars. There are separate paths for jogging.

Real estate is becoming more expensive every year. This is influenced by the tourist attractiveness of the region. Buying a home is a good investment in the future, as it allows you to make a profit on the resale or lease.

Choice of Real Estate

Luxury real estate in Turklera popular among foreigners. It costs less than in other countries. For equipped housing buyer will give no more than 250 thousand dollars. It has all the amenities, available infrastructure and tourist areas for recreation.

The cost and choice of housing in Turkler are influenced by such factors:

Quality of construction. For new buildings are used modern materials that meet the standards. Concrete walls and metal windows will last a long time. Materials provide heat conservation in the cold season, and coolness in the warm season.

Rationality of the layout. The scheme of buildings meets the standards. All zones are arranged with the maximum comfort for living.

Availability of all communications. Communication lines are well thought out. Uninterrupted supply of energy and utilities are guaranteed.

Equipment equipment and furniture of premium segment. Apartments are equipped with everything you need, which is included in the price.

New buildings are located in areas away from the center, so the cost of such apartments is lower. Stay Property staff will help you select the right property that meets all of your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many factors influence the price of housing. The cost depends on the location, availability of finishes and furniture. As a rule, the cost of apartments in luxury areas is about 200-250 thousand dollars.
When buying, you have to pay a flat tax of 4% of the value of the property. This amount is paid once.
Turkler is a small suburb of Alanya with a developed infrastructure. There are good natural and climatic conditions for living.