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  • Updated 27.11.2021
  • Rooms: 6+1
  • Gross: 470 m2
  • 735.000 €
  • 1564 €/m2
  • Rooms: 2+1
  • Gross: 125 m2
  • 104.000 €
  • 832 €/m2
  • Rooms: 2+1
  • Gross: 125 m2
  • 99.000 €
  • 792 €/m2
  • Rooms: 2+1
  • Gross: 125 m2
  • 99.000 €
  • 792 €/m2
  • Rooms: 5+1 / 5+2
  • Gross: 250 m2
  • 219.000 €
  • 876 €/m2
  • Rooms: 2+1
  • Gross: 105 m2
  • 77.000 €
  • 733 €/m2
  • Rooms: 4+1 / 4+2
  • Gross: 200 m2
  • 135.000 €
  • 675 €/m2
  • Rooms: 5+1 / 5+2
  • Gross: 240 m2
  • 110.000 €
  • 458 €/m2
  • Rooms: 4+1 / 4+2
  • Gross: 240 m2
  • 259.000 €
  • 1079 €/m2
  • Rooms: 3+1 / 3+2
  • Gross: 167 m2
  • 275.000 €
  • 1647 €/m2
  • Rooms: 4+1 / 4+2
  • Gross: 190 m2
  • 189.000 €
  • 995 €/m2
  • Rooms: 5+1 / 5+2
  • Gross: 253 m2
  • 415.000 €
  • 1640 €/m2

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How to choose the right property from the builder in the Alanya Oba area?

House or apartment in Alanya Oba Turkey from the builder – a unique opportunity to become the owner of your own comfortable home abroad on favorable terms. When buying a home under construction, there is a possibility of becoming a victim of fraud and scammers. STAY PROPERTY specialists will help you protect your interests and choose a reliable option for investment.

Oba in Alanya

Oba in Alanya is located in the eastern part of the city. Here you can see a lot of hotels, a long beach, a wide range of apartments and houses for rent and purchase. Travel agents say that Oba is the best place to live in Alanya.

Oba begins 2 kilometers from the city center and extends to the east. It is often referred to as the Obakoy neighborhood. Some sources call the Oba district a suburb of Alanya or a village, but in fact the district is part of the city limits. With grocery stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, a mall, and a hardware store, Oba offers its residents everything they need for a comfortable life. Once a week, there is a food market in Oba where you can buy everything you need.

There are plenty of hotels in Oba that suit all tastes and budgets. You can also rent or buy an apartment in Alanya. There are five-storey apartment buildings in Oba. Nearby is a beautiful promenade with fountains, palm trees, Turkish cats. It is here that the popular inscription “ALANYA” is located, with which the city’s guests like to be photographed.

Oba Beach

Oba Beach is an integral part of Keikubat Beach, which stretches from the beginning of Alanya to the suburbs. Oba beach is not only long, but also wide. Its width reaches 100 meters. Visitors to the beach can rent deck chairs or sit on their own towels. If you buy something at a local cafe, you will have access to free Wi-Fi on the beach Oba. From the beach, visitors have a beautiful view of the fortress. At night it is illuminated with yellow lights, which is especially beautiful.

In many parts of the beach, the bottom of the sea is covered with concrete slabs. They are slippery and make visitors to the beach uncomfortable. It is best to dive in special coral slippers to protect your feet from cuts. Along the beach there is a busy track. For convenience, there are underpasses through which you can get to the beach.

The main feature of Oba area in Alanya is the quietness and tranquility. You find a lively and lively life in the center of Alanya. In the Oba area you will find a quiet and cozy life. The area is great for a comfortable life away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s easy to get to the city center and it doesn’t take long to get there.

There are a great number of hotels in Oba. Sometimes it is not easy for visitors to choose the right hotel from the variety.


Yes. Developers offer interest-free programs with repayment until construction is completed.
Within an hour, if you have the necessary documents.
STAY PROPERTY offers a study tour. The company covers all costs of the tour if the property is purchased.
When buying, you have to pay a flat tax of 4% of the value of the property. This amount is paid once.
The Mediterranean climate is fertile, it is comfortable to live here at any time of year.