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Property in Muhmutlar

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  • Updated 20.03.2023
  • Rooms: 4+1 / 4+2
  • Gross: 240 m2
  • 139.000 €
  • 579 €/m2
  • Rooms:
  • Gross: 206 m2
  • 190.000 €
  • 922 €/m2
  • Rooms:
  • Gross: 160 m2
  • 110.000 €
  • 688 €/m2
  • Rooms:
  • Gross: 319 m2
  • 190.000 €
  • 596 €/m2

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Umit Kozak

Liquid real estate in Mahmutlar by the Mediterranean Sea

Mahmutlar is the first urban municipality since 1974, and since 2014. – Alanya district. It is the most developed, the most settled, the leader in terms of economy and trade. Real estate here becomes more expensive with each season. It has the most Russian-speakers in the province of Antalya, which justifies the statement about Mahmutlar – “Russian District”. Compared to other areas remote from the center of Alanya, Mahmutlar is crowded both in summer and winter, year-round everything works, housing is not empty. It has a permanent population of 50 thousand people, and in summer – up to 200 thousand people, adding those who bought property for seasonal holidays, tourists and lucky people, spending under the sun visa-free months, renting apartments instead of package tours. There are 12 thousand foreigners living in Mahmutlar, and 1,400 families have chosen Mahmutlar as their second home. Mahmutlar is expanding towards the mountains and new housing and social facilities are actively being built. In the complex at the stage of the boiler-house you can buy an apartment 15-30% cheaper than in ready-made buildings. For investment in construction in Turkey, a safe country. Secondary less liquid, but is also in demand. Mahmutlar is 12 km from the historical center of Alanya, bordering with Kargicak and Kestel. Gazipasa Airport is 28 km away. In the north the Taurus Mountains, in the south the warm Mediterranean Sea.

Квартира в Махмутлар

Apartment in Mahmutlar, Turkey

It is possible to buy inexpensive housing in the old housing stock, but the secondary in Mahmutlar is much more expensive than in Avsallar, Kargicak, Turkler, Konakli, Gazipasha. How much is real estate in the residences depends on the location, characteristics of the complex, internal and external infrastructure, the metric of apartments, the size of the area on which the residential complex is located. The apartments are sold with turnkey renovation. In recent years the Mahmutlar district has become more and more popular with investors. Holiday by the sea in Mahmutlar is increasing year by year. The occasional stony seaside is no longer a problem, as the municipality clears areas in the winter, imports sand, establishes the embankment, sports fields, etc. Every 10-15 meters there are inexpensive cafes, restaurants, sun loungers hotels and institutions. The coastline is wide and not so crowded in the season, if you compare with the center of Alanya, and the sea is cleaner.

Property in Mahmutlar, Turkey

It is easy to find homes for rent by foreigners, by the way, who often buy property in this area of Alanya. The market pleases with an abundance of objects. Secondary characterized by, as they say, “old layouts”, spacious square footage, wide balconies, large bathrooms. Many different complexes are built, but 1 +1 apartments on the middle floors and cheap giriche (Turkish entrance and basement, the Russian first floor) are dismantled before construction begins, at the design stage. To buy such housing inexpensively, you need to monitor the market and constantly keep in touch with the real estate agency.

Недвижимость в Махмутлар

Where to buy an apartment in Mahmutlar

Turkey for permanent residence is often associated with Mahmutlar. Each quarter of the district is fully suitable to pick up real estate for any purpose: investment, residence, renting, resale. There are 50 chain supermarkets such as ŞOK, A101, BIM, Carrefour and Migros. Four elementary and two secondary municipal schools. Two private kindergartens – Russian and Turkish, compared with the CIS, they are inexpensive. There is no need to buy real estate tied to the educational institution, because everywhere is a transfer service – children are picked up and brought home after class by minibuses. On the first floors of residential buildings are cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, stores, pet supplies, veterinary clinics, services. If you buy an apartment here, everything is at your fingertips. There is no need to travel to the center of Alanya, in Mahmutlar you can live as a family all year round. Landmarks for buyers who want to buy an apartment in Mahmutlar are often pointed out by the proximity to one of the markets on Tuesdays (Salı Pazarı) or Saturdays (Cumartesi Pazarı). Clocks at the intersection of Barbarosa Street and Menderes Boulevard also serve as landmarks. Property prices depend on the proximity to the sea and the proximity to one of the three streets:

  • Route Antalya Mersin – first line from the sea;
  • Barbaros – the most active, second line;
  • Ataturk – more relaxed, with Turkish restaurants and authentic cafes, interesting stores, workshops, household services. The third line.

7 boulevards and streets cross perpendicularly these arteries of Mahmutlar and lead to the sea. It is difficult to get lost.

Real estate in Mahmutlar is mainly represented by secondary – simple Turkish houses without swimming pools. Apartments in new buildings of European type with 5 star hotel infrastructure are built behind Ataturk Street, it is further from the sea, but not so far that it would take you 15-20 min. to walk to the beach. It is difficult to buy an inexpensive apartment in the built and commissioned complex, there are single variants. Cités with pools also have their own territory and fence, but the infrastructure is less varied. There is a practice of demolishing old housing and hotels, in their place built luxury residences.

Real estate prices in Mahmutlar

How much real estate in a new building depends on the developer’s costs for the land, the peculiarities of the residence project, the set of apartments. Secondary apartments have different prices depending on the size of the rooms, repair status, floor, the age of the house, view characteristics, street, distance from the center of Mahmutlar, the density of development, the area around the house – park or bedroom community, whether it is noisy around. It takes into account how many meters to the sea, but in the old building is not further 650 meters. The myth of “cheap resale for 30.000 €” in Mahmutlar is in the past. However, as in the other low-cost districts of Alanya. The apartment for that amount could be found 2-3 years ago, the prices are already different. Turkey is now in the top countries where people buy resort real estate. Minimum prices for real estate in Mahmutlar today – from € 45.000 for a one-bedroom apartment 1 +1, from € 65.000 for a two-bedroom 2 +1 with two bedrooms. Rarely can you find a secondary inexpensive or have time to invest in the construction at the stage of excavation at a minimum. While in some other areas can find proposals and from 35,000 euros. How much it costs to make an apartment with payment of taxes and fees depends on the value of housing. Secondary will be cheaper as there is no need to make out iskan (technical passport) for the apartment. The general term for a house is the one, which is issued by the developer. To register your home, you need to pay a one-time tax of 4% of the cadastral value, the connection to himself utilities. These and other less expensive registration costs are borne by the buyer. But to buy a property in Mahmutlar from the builder is possible without the commission to the realtor.

How to buy an apartment in Mahmutlar cheap

A foreigner can buy a house with only a passport. The other documents are made on the spot, Turkey in this regard, a comfortable country, without unnecessary bureaucracy. The certificate of ownership of the apartment is issued by the Office of the Tapu and Cadastre, change of ownership of real estate is processed without the participation of the notary, which eliminates the risks. Apartments under construction are executed with the developer on the basis of an official agreement between the parties, with fixed terms of payment in installments, if required. Prices are fixed as soon as the contract is signed.

Where to go in Mahmutlar

Want the usual Burger King? Please! Interested in karaoke? There’s one in Mahmutlar, too. Restaurants of different cuisines of the world, including traditional Russian food. A lot of interesting places where you feel Turkey and its color. Inexpensive dinner with the family, breakfast with a view of the sea – it is unforgettable! The Klas restaurant on Tuesdays often gathers a community of Russian speakers. Mahmutlar is ideal for children. There are all kinds of activities and attractions. There are amusement rides, 5 large playgrounds and small children’s parks throughout the area, sports fields, table tennis, other entertainment. Interested in Turkey for investment? We invite you on a sightseeing tour where you can get acquainted with the areas of Alanya and choose a property.


Yes. Developers offer interest-free programs with repayment until construction is completed.
Within an hour, if you have the necessary documents.
STAY PROPERTY offers a study tour. The company covers all costs of the tour if the property is purchased.
When buying, you have to pay a flat tax of 4% of the value of the property. This amount is paid once.
The Mediterranean climate is fertile, it is comfortable to live here at any time of year.