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Property in Avsallar

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  • Updated 01.09.2022
  • Rooms: 4+1 / 4+2
  • Gross: 180 m2
  • 110.000 €
  • 611 €/m2

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Umit Kozak

Avsallar district in Alanya

Avsallar is a small district of Alanya, located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Originally the area was a suburban village of Alanya. After the increase in demand of resorts from tourists the area was included in the city limits. Visitors expect clean beaches with warm water, plenty of entertainment and amenities for a comfortable life.

Avsallar is located 24 kilometers from the center of Alanya. Avsallar belongs to Inzhekum region. The area is permanently inhabited by about 10 000 people, most of whom work in tourism and services. Avsallar property in Alanya is very popular. The area is connected to the popular resorts of the city.

The distance from Avsallar to Alanya airport is 65 km. There is a shuttle bus to the airport every 15-20 minutes. If you need to get faster, you can take a cab or book a transfer. Every 10-15 minutes in the direction of the center of Alanya by shuttle buses. The most common means of transport for locals is the dolmushi, a popular means of transport in Turkey.

Avsallar district

The most active street of Avsallar is the central one. Here guests can find a large number of stores, boutiques, where you can buy everything you need for life. Hotels are located near the shoreline closer to the beach. There are pubs, restaurants, and coffee shops.

On Wednesdays, the Avsallar area organizes a bazaar, which is located near the mosque. The market starts early in the morning and runs until 6 pm. Guests of the city usually visit the market in the morning when it is not yet crowded. At the market you can buy a wide range of vegetables, fruits, clothing, spices, textiles, jewelry, precious jewelry. Sellers are always polite and offer reasonable prices for goods. The best way to pay with Turkish liras. In Avsellar you can always buy souvenirs and jewelry in euros, dollars, and Russian rubles. 

Beaches Avsallar

The coastline is represented by a sandy beach with clear water. The beach is surrounded by mountains, which contributes to a comfortable climate without wind. Avsallar has one of the most popular beaches in Alanya, Inzhekum. The word “Inzhekum” translates from Turkish as “fine sand”, which perfectly characterizes the beach. For lovers of pebble beach there are small beaches with pebbles nearby. 


Yes. Developers offer interest-free programs with repayment until construction is completed.
Within an hour, if you have the necessary documents.
STAY PROPERTY offers a study tour. The company covers all costs of the tour if the property is purchased.
When buying, you have to pay a flat tax of 4% of the value of the property. This amount is paid once.
The Mediterranean climate is fertile, it is comfortable to live here at any time of year.