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Real estate in Alanya

Оплату можно произвести в наших офисах: Аланья, Москва, Нур-Султан, Алма-Ата.
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  • In the Database are 59 Properties
  • Updated 31.08.2022
  • Rooms: 4+1 / 4+2
  • Gross: 250 m2
  • 220.000 €
  • 880 €/m2
  • Rooms: 3+1 / 3+2
  • Gross: 150 m2
  • 235.000 €
  • 1567 €/m2
  • Rooms: 4+1 / 4+2
  • Gross: 200 m2
  • 295.000 €
  • 1475 €/m2
  • Rooms: 1+1
  • Gross: 49 m2
  • 142.000 €
  • 2898 €/m2
  • Rooms: 1+1
  • Gross: 52 m2
  • 125.000 €
  • 2404 €/m2

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Umit Kozak

Buy an apartment in Alanya is available to everyone. The subtleties

Turkey is one of the most loyal countries to non-residents who want to buy square meters. This applies to the rights of foreigners who buy an apartment, the processing of documents without barriers. You only need a passport. Everything! No meditations in the BTI queue, every necessary “paperwork” on the spot is done quickly, the state body issues the TAPU (certificate of ownership), the owners history is checked on the spot, where you can trace the “dark side” of the apartment. Buy online? It is also possible! Property in Alanya under construction can be purchased, without coming to Turkey until the end of the construction, by power of attorney to purchase. There is no need for a power of attorney, you just need to indicate that the buyer trusts to make the sale transaction in your name. Remote execution has become in demand in a pandemic, the need to invest reliably in the resort apartment, rather than shaky business or low-profit deposit. Secondary, by the way, will not be cheaper!

Вид на порт Аланья Турция

Real estate in Alanya, Turkey

The sea, the beauty of nature, the warm climate, +15 ° C in winter attract no less than the prices of apartments with turnkey renovation in residences with hotel-type infrastructure. There are a lot of proposals, construction in 2021 are growing like mushrooms after the rain, by 2023 is expected to skyrocket. Why are there so many construction sites and new buildings in Alanya? The quality of beaches. For example, most of the coastline of Antalya stretches along the Mediterranean Sea on the cliffs, there are areas with normal access to the sea, but not so much. Turkey is washed by four seas, and the unforgettable scenic resorts, comfortable promenades – all on the Alanya coast and in the surrounding area. Tourism is development. Turkey is one of the world’s top 10 resort destinations. In the historical center of Alanya, the nearby areas – Cleopatra, Cikcilli, Tepe, Bektas – traditionally expensive real estate, apartments, apartments. Foreigners prefer to buy housing in other districts of Alanya: Mahmutlar, Oba, Konakli. This contributes to the rapid development of the suburbs, even if it is 2-4 km to the coast. Avsallar, for example, are chosen for the forest out the windows, the smell of pine around, the quietness. According to statistics of the number of real estate purchases by foreigners, the Russians are in third place after the Iranians and the Iraqis, among those who stayed to live or invested. Also property in Alanya are bought by Afghans, Kazakhs, Chinese, Ukrainians, British, Germans. Social welfare + here to buy an apartment inexpensive. Turkey is characterized by relatively affordable costs for food, utilities, recreation, education of children, insured by the state medicine. If you calculate the monthly package of basic household and real estate costs in Alanya and Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, large cities of the CIS, you will be surprised.

Квартира в Алании резеденция

Having bought an apartment, even average Russian pensioners live here with no income other than their pension. Rent an apartment for a year under a residence permit costs from 300 € per month. Secondary market of good quality is not cheaper than the apartments at the stage of the “project” of the same square footage with a pool and a public SPA-zone, so it is reasonable to buy property in Alanya in the early stages of construction and get a new home. Turkey vigilantly monitors the intermediate terms of construction, the quality of construction. Under-construction are rare, which can not be said about the CIS.

Apartments in Alanya. How much does it cost to maintain, what is the catch?

Let’s see what features distinguish the real estate in Alanya, what is the difference between the secondary in ordinary Turkish houses without a pool and a separate area, sites with a separate area and apartments in residences with the infrastructure of a 5-star hotel. Budget real estate in Alanya and Gazipasha is usually on the first, ground floor and the top floor. It is difficult to rent or resell it for the same price you bought it for. Expensive real estate in Alanya – in the center, new complexes of the first line, which are not so much, given the dense old building. And also villas with a garden plot, this is already a premium segment. It is noteworthy that when buying real estate in the property the buyer will have an apartment and a piece of land on which the house stands, this is different Turkey, the property is protected by the state. Alanya real estate prices are specified for the total area (gross), which differs significantly from the living space (net), up to 20%. The total area includes the walls, the share of the staircase and the corridor. To buy a property in Alanya you must pay the gross price. Living in a residence is a new trend and lifestyle. You’re not just buying an apartment! Inside your own house: swimming pool, fitness room with fitness equipment, sauna and other amenities. Such a residential complex in the CIS is twice as expensive, but there are very few options. And near the river or lake in the reeds – not as near the sea within walking distance, and it’s strong immunity, excellent health, clean environment (near resorts do not build factories and plants, but there are mountains studded with forests). If we compare with European resort towns in terms of the cost of utility bills, taxation… It’s all much cheaper in Turkey. Keeping property in Alanya is inexpensive. The maintenance fee, called Aidat, is paid monthly or by one payment for a period, regardless of whether the owner lives in the apartment or not. For example, in apartments 1 +1 Aidat in luxury complexes 30-35 €, water and light on the meter. Also pay an annual tax of 0.2% of the cadastral value of housing.

Буквы ALANYA на набережной Stay Property

How to buy an apartment in Alanya?

Each person has his own intentions for buying real estate by the sea and different budget. In Alanya, you can find places where you will live comfortably – kindergartens in walking distance, schools, supermarkets to choose from, farmer’s market in a stone’s throw, services, various services, community Russian-speaking. And there are quiet corners away from the tourists, where you can meditate on the balcony if you are tired of the city and came to the resort second home to reset. Someone is looking for a VIP-option, demanding design, wants the scale, glamour, expensive finishes, friendly service in his apartment. In Alanya there is everything for every budget. Correctly set goals for the purchase of real estate determines the accuracy of finding the best options: – Invest to rent for a long term or seasonal rentals; – To live on their own; – To get citizenship for investment; – Make money by buying during construction and selling after the project is finished. Stay Property tailors options to suit any purpose and your intention, keeping a finger on the pulse of new projects, knowing every corner of the city and suburbs. Book a free sightseeing tour of Turkey with downtown accommodations. The tour takes 3-4 days, including getting to know the neighborhoods, consultations, viewings, and vacations.

Real estate prices in Alanya. Secondary or a tenement?

It is possible to buy property in Alanya inexpensively. The secondary will cost from 30.000 €, the sea is 2-3 km away. The minimum price for a property in Mahmutlar is from 40.000 €. In the center of Alanya from 60.000 €. However, to find such an option, you will need to have the amount in hand, be on the spot, monitor the market for months with an experienced real estate agent. There is a danger to run into an apartment in a house without lawsuit – this construction object not accepted by the authorities and it is subject to demolition, the authorities in Turkey are not ceremonious. Is it more reliable to buy property that has already been built and commissioned? No. Because there is no risk if you buy property in Alanya from the builder at the stage of the foundation stone by installments with a down payment of 30-35%, at a bargain price, in a new house and with all the infrastructure. And after the delivery of the apartment price increases by at least 15% or more. Turkey, for the purchase of investment property under construction, is a safe country. What can not be said about most of the former Soviet Union.

How to buy an inexpensive apartment in Alanya

Location and the sea under the windows is not the main advantage that attracts the object. More and more often buyers pay attention to real estate in quiet locations, 1-3 km from the beach, surrounded by banana, olive, citrus orchards, pine trees, overlooking the mountains.

Авсалар Алания Турция

Average prices for a liquid 1+1 apartment with living room, American kitchen and bedroom from 43.000 € at the start of construction. Gazipasha, which is distant from the center of Alanya, where Alanya airport is located, you can pick up cheap apartment with a lower budget, a beautiful wide sandy and pebbly beach with clear sea. In Gazipasa is a new residential development, developed transport. But if you need “everything at hand” – is clearly in the center of Alanya and the areas<Oba, Mahmutlar, Kestel, Gazipasha, Konakly

Districts of Alanya

Alanya’s Cleopatra district is known for its year-round activity and sandy beach. Konakli area is quiet, there are luxurious villas, luxurious apartment complexes. Both are great places for living permanently. Avsallar is an oasis of pine groves and beautiful sandy beaches. Mahmutlar is a “Russian village”, a bedroom community for life and leisure. Gazipasha is an old eco-mass of farmland. It is better to see everything yourself!

Улица Алании Турция

There is no better city on the Mediterranean coast than Alanya, dear to everyone. Here everyone can find his or her own:

  1. Areas that are considered high-end, always with high price tags, increasing demand;
  2. Neighborhoods favored by foreigners, where it is comfortable and pleasant to live, a positive atmosphere of friendliness;
  3. Closer to nature, without tourists, but not the middle of nowhere;
  4. Overlooking the sea, the lively Barbaros Street, in the thick of things with crowds of people 360 sunny days a year;

Video overview of Alanya districts

Experience the city not as a tourist, but as a local. Find your neighborhood and dream home with the help of Stay Property, a real estate developer in Turkey. A thousand offers in the catalog.


The price of real estate depends on various factors. As a rule, small apartments on the outskirts are cheaper. An apartment will cost 50-60 thousand dollars.
It is possible to obtain a residence permit prior to the purchase of real estate for 1 year on TAPU. Every year this period is extended. After 5 years there is an opportunity to get citizenship.
This is the official document that shows the ownership of real estate in Turkey.