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How to buy property in Turkey cheap?

Many people think that only a well-to-do person can buy property in Turkey. In fact, even a person with average income can become a happy owner of an apartment in Istanbul, Alanya and other cities in Turkey. To buy an apartment in Turkey cheaply need to pay attention to some points.

Lodging in the suburbs

If you’re thinking about buying property in Turkey, you may have a question – where the property is cheaper? No one will argue that life in the city has several advantages. There is a developed infrastructure, transport links, stores, educational and medical institutions. However, for people for whom every penny counts, the ideal option would be to buy a home in the suburbs or in a residential area. The purchase of housing in the suburbs has an important advantage – here one can enjoy a quiet life in peace and quiet. 

Secondary market property

Buying a second home in Turkey is a great way to save money. Many owners urgently need the money, so you can find burning offer to buy an apartment in Turkey at an attractive price. Buyer must be ready for the rapid conclusion of the sale transaction. In the catalog of our real estate agency you can find a huge variety of proposals for the purchase of housing in Turkey. 

If you buy a secondary housing without repair, you can save a decent amount of money. In this case, you can plan the repair and furnishing of the apartment. 

Promotions and bonuses

Often, when buying a home from a developer, you may stumble upon a pleasant promotions and bonuses. Developers attract buyers by holding promotions. This is a good option to save money. Often developers work in conjunction with construction factories, which allows you to not only save on the purchase of housing, but also on the purchase of building materials for repairs. Developers provide apartments with walk-in closets and kitchen sets. 

Housing in the new area

When buying property in Turkey, you should pay attention to the proposals of housing in new areas. Each year, the area of cities is expanding, there are new areas where housing is much cheaper compared to the central areas, where there is already a developed infrastructure. Despite this, such areas are very promising. Over time, housing in such areas will significantly increase in price.