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The procedure for buying and registering property in Turkey

After the final decision on the choice of real estate signed a contract of sale. It is drawn up in Russian and Turkish in two identical copies. To begin the purchase procedure, it is sufficient to have the amount of the first down payment for the selected object, as well as a passport (a notarized copy is acceptable).

The contract of sale contains the official data of the seller and the buyer, information about the property, which includes technical and operational characteristics, the obligations of the parties, the terms of payment, as well as other statutory provisions. If desired, the real estate can be registered for several number of owners, but not more than ten.

Required documents for the transaction:

  • Foreign passport and its photocopy.

Real Estate Ownership Registration in Turkey

TAPU is a certificate of ownership of real estate in Turkey. It is the only document that officially confirms the right to own and dispose of the property, confirms the transfer of relevant rights to the object.

Obtaining a document takes place exclusively in the Land Cadastral Office. In this institution is also present archive, where all the information about the seller and the buyer.

TAPU contains information about the owner, the location of the object, its parameters, indicated cadastral value of real estate. At the bottom of the document has an official stamp in the center of the page.

TAPU red is issued to owners of commercial and residential real estate (cottages, villas, apartments, houses). The document of ownership of land plots is in blue.

Procedure and terms of obtaining TAPU

On average, the process of registration of ownership of real estate in Turkey and obtaining the relevant documents takes three working days. Our specialists will help you to go through this procedure with comfort and in the shortest possible time.

The procedure:

Assignment and receipt of the Turkish TIN. The procedure is free of charge and is issued on the day of application. This document is required for further opening of a bank account in a local bank and obtaining a residence permit in Turkey, payment of statutory fees and taxes.

Obtaining the results of an independent examination, which aims to evaluate the property acquired into ownership. This document will also help you to prepare and obtain the specialists of our company.

The procedure for transferring the title to the new owner of the property takes place at the Cadastral Office. Both the seller and the buyer (or their proxies) must be present, as well as an authorized interpreter.

Costs of real estate registration in Turkey:

Cadastral fees. To be paid when submitting the documents. The amount is from 200 to 500 euros, depending on the value of the property specified in the documents.

Expert Appraisal. At present, when the buyer or seller of real estate is a foreigner, it is necessary to carry out an expert evaluation of the acquired property, which will determine its cadastral value. The cost of the expert appraisal of the property will be approximately 200 euros.

Taxes. Real estate tax for the execution of the purchase contract is paid by the buyer and is 4% of the amount stated in the independent expert report.

Interpreter services. In addition paid services sworn interpreter. The amount of payment is 100 euros.

For registration of ownership and registration of the document is required to provide a Turkish TIN, passport.

The new owner will also need to issue the appropriate additional documents, which include DASK insurance, registration of technical passport for the property.

It is also necessary to go through the procedure of registration of electricity and water meters. To simplify the subsequent procedure of paying utility and other bills, it is recommended to open an account at a local bank.


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