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Villas for sale in Turkey

Оплату можно произвести в наших офисах: Аланья, Москва, Нур-Султан, Алма-Ата.
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  • In the Database are 65 Properties
  • Rooms: 5+1 / 5+2
  • Gross: 550 m2
  • 1.250.000 €
  • 2273 €/m2

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How to choose a villa from the developer in Turkey?

Villa is an option for a holiday on the Mediterranean coast or the Aegean Sea. Buy a villa in Turkey advantageous to those who are going on a summer vacation or to change the place of residence. It is also a great option for rental housing and generating additional income. The choice of location depends on the preferences and capabilities of the buyer. There are proposals in quiet provincial towns with little infrastructure, as well as luxury homes with terraces that overlook the sea.

Choosing a villa by the sea takes time. Typically, the coast is built up with hotels and hotels. Find real estate not in the resort areas is more difficult. You will have to look for real estate in the suburbs. Villas within walking distance of the sea are rare, so they will cost more to the new owner.

Stay Property will help you look for properties in the private sector. There are options with different layouts and construction. The choice depends on the capabilities and wishes of the client. Houses are available in central regions and in the suburbs, where properties are sold cheaper.


There are villas in Turkey, located 3-4 kilometers from the sea. Such houses are away from civilization. Nearby, as a rule, there are virtually no restaurants or cafes. There are difficulties with the transport connections. You will have to rent or buy your own transport to get to the center for shopping or entertainment.

Real estate in Alanya is popular among tourists and foreign investors. In this tourist city, the property is located near the developed infrastructure. Among the advantages of such housing are the following:

Detached villas. They are built separately from the rest of the objects, suitable for connoisseurs of silence. Nearby there are no neighbors or tourist attractions. The nature and clean air disposes to rest with his family. You will have to hire someone to clean the area or do it yourself.

Villas within the residential complex. Such villas are built in the suburbs. They are placed in comfortable residential complexes. There is all the infrastructure within walking distance. In most cases, there is a swimming pool, which is served on the territory of the complex. Nearby there is a gym and a sports field. Medical services, pharmacies, supermarkets and other stores are available. In this case will have to make an additional fee for the maintenance of residential complex. This fee goes to the landscaping and maintenance of order.

Twin villas. Suitable for those who plan to live in a large group of family or friends. It is an opportunity to live independently without interference in personal space. There are separate entrances so as not to disturb each other. If necessary, at any time there is an opportunity to visit your neighbors.

The cost of such villas is different. It starts from 44 thousand euros. Elite real estate costs more than a million euros. There are different options that meet security standards.

Options for villas

Private villas will provide privacy and security away from outsiders. Such options are popular among foreigners. Among the possible places of residence:

Bodrum. Here they build luxurious mansions, which offer a gorgeous view of the sea. There are difficulties with movement because of the hilly uneven terrain. Prices for villas are high, the town is considered prestigious. Present ecologically clean air and beautiful nature. The area is buried in the green. There are a lot of mesmerizing landscapes and forests.

Alanya. Villas are usually built in Kargicak area. There are different options on the primary and secondary markets. From developers prices are more loyal. Mansions are built in oriental style. Some complexes are restored or sold for restoration. This option is suitable for investors who are investing in real estate.

Turkey. There are various settlements throughout Turkey, where villas are sold. Prices start from 90 thousand euros for homes in the suburbs. Mansions on the beach will cost a million euros.

The choice of property depends on the wishes of the client. Presented different options for villas throughout Turkey.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is recommended to buy a villa in the suburbs. Here the prices are lower. Developed infrastructure, beautiful nature and proximity to the sea are the main advantages of country villas.
Villas are entire mansions, fully equipped for life. As a rule, such buildings are located closer to the sea, away from other tourists, which allows you to live in peace and quiet.
You only need a passport. The rest of the documents are prepared on the spot.