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Seafront Properties

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  • In the Database are 138 Properties
  • Rooms: 1+1
  • Gross: 52 m2
  • 125.000 €
  • 2404 €/m2
  • Rooms: 3+1 / 3+2
  • Gross: 220 m2
  • 242.000 €
  • 1100 €/m2
  • Rooms: 2+1
  • Gross: 95 m2
  • 205.000 €
  • 2158 €/m2
  • Rooms: 1+1
  • Gross: 55 m2
  • 85.000 €
  • 1545 €/m2
  • Rooms: 1+1
  • Gross: 55 m2
  • 146.500 €
  • 2664 €/m2
  • Rooms: 4+1 / 4+2
  • Gross: 180 m2
  • 110.000 €
  • 611 €/m2
  • Rooms: 3+1 / 3+2
  • Gross: 150 m2
  • 235.000 €
  • 1567 €/m2
  • Rooms: 4+1 / 4+2
  • Gross: 200 m2
  • 295.000 €
  • 1475 €/m2

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Umit Kozak

Real estate on the first line

Real estate by the sea attracts many tourists. Here you can meet the sunrises and sunsets with the family, admire the waves, at any time to go swimming or sunbathing by the sea coast. Real estate by the sea in Turkey is popular among foreigners, so many are considering this purchase in the first place.

Turkish developers often build modern apartment complexes or villas next to the sea coast. Within walking distance are the beaches and all the necessary infrastructure for living and recreation.

Company Stay Property offers various real estate options near the sea in Turkey. Such properties meet all the standards and pass all legal scrutiny before being sold. In Alanya and all Antalya region real estate near the sea is very common. Buildings are usually located along the beaches. These properties are also prestigious and attractive to foreigners.

Characteristics of housing

Real estate by the sea used to be used for the construction of hotels. Now in the resort areas there are different options for real estate on the first line. There are villas, residential complexes with all amenities. Lodging is located in tourist areas, where there is everything you need to live immediately after the purchase of real estate. To buy a property in Turkey by the sea, consider the following criteria:

Cost. Real estate on the beachfront is always more expensive for the buyers. The cost is often up to a third compared to the apartments in ordinary residential complexes, where you can not see the sea from the window. The closer to the coast, the higher the price of real estate. Therefore, when buying a house near the sea, it is recommended to keep in mind that the cost increases closer to the shoreline.

Location. Before you buy the house you must check whether the sea view is blocked by the other buildings. If you face such a variant, it is better to refuse to buy, because it will be a waste of money. The sea is not only a beautiful view. Often there are tides and storms that bring moisture to the houses. When choosing a beachfront property, it is important to specify the materials of which it is built. The utilities must be protected from excessive moisture. Because of moisture and wind gusts mold is formed. It is recommended to check the microclimate and living conditions in the premises before making a purchase of a beachfront property.

Abundance of choice. There are different types of housing by the sea. Residential complexes that are equipped to standards are available. Many are characterized by their beach, swimming pools and other amenities. One option – villas. They are located separately or as part of the complex. Such buildings are comfortable to live in. It is important to take care of the installation of surveillance cameras and security.

Infrastructure. When buying a property on the first line it is recommended to think about the availability of other infrastructure. As a rule, stores, schools and kindergartens are located closer to the center. If you have your own car, it will not be a big problem.

Rent. After the purchase of real estate can be profitable, if you rent it in the tourist season. Among the tourists it is more appreciated the property that is located near the beach.

Real estate by the sea is a great opportunity to have a vacation. When buying, it is recommended to consider a number of nuances, so that the money was not spent in vain. To avoid trouble, it is recommended to trust the purchase to a proven real estate agency, which works with developers, with a positive reputation. This will help to avoid complications in the future, enjoy a good holiday away from the bustle of the city.

Purchase Advantages

Among the buyers valued real estate in Alanya. This is a tourist area with a large number of residential complexes within walking distance of the sea. Also located buildings surrounded by beaches and other amenities for tourists. Equipped with all infrastructure. Among the advantages of buying the following:

Liquidity. Plots by the sea coast are characterized by comfort and developed infrastructure. Such property is valued by investors and tourists. In the future, you can profitably sell your home or lease it if necessary.

Proximity to the sea. The accessibility of the sea allows at any time to go on vacation.

Magnificent view. If the apartment is located in the southern part, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. In these apartments it is always a pleasure to relax.

Property prices in Turkey by the sea are higher than other properties. At the same purchase will delight connoisseurs of nature and recreation. Company Stay Property will help to find seaside apartments that will satisfy all requirements of the clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is possible to buy an apartment in a new building, as well as popular modern villas and apartments. The choice depends on the capabilities and preferences of the buyer.
The cost of housing on the coastline is higher. Apartments in the elite area can cost $ 200,000 and above. On average, the price of real estate on the first line ranges around 150 thousand euros.
It is recommended to choose Alanya to live on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. There is less seismic activity compared to other regions, which makes living completely safe.