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Flats in Turkey

Оплату можно произвести в наших офисах: Аланья, Москва, Нур-Султан, Алма-Ата.
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Apartments in Turkey from the developer

Buying an apartment in Turkey is a profitable investment. With a proper choice of housing purchase will pay off in the next few weeks. To buy an apartment in Turkey, consider specific criteria and nuances. As a rule, real estate in new buildings are sold already finished. Apartments are equipped with the necessary appliances: washing machine, stove, and other amenities. Luxury buildings have furniture and other furnishings.

Apartments in new residential complexes from the developer are also equipped with plumbing. All kind of utilities are provided. The Internet is already set up, and there is satellite TV. There are all amenities on the territory of the residential complexes, including gyms and sports grounds and swimming pools. For the maintenance of the territory a certain fee is paid. It is used to maintain order, repair and improve living conditions.

Stay Property offers a variety of apartments in Turkey that meet customer needs and safety standards. There are offers on the secondary market or in new buildings. The latter option is more favorable, since all the wishes of the buyer are taken into account.

Selection criteria

When buying a home in Turkey, different parameters are taken into account. New apartments have finishing, plumbing, double glazing and metal doors. The average age of houses in the country does not exceed twenty years, and the number of new buildings is constantly increasing. Among the parameters when selecting a property are the following:

Communications. If the apartment previously had an owner, it is checked for gas and serviceability of communications. It is important to check the property for the absence of debts on utilities, legal clearance and registration of documents to the previous owner. If there are any debts, it is recommended to refuse to buy. Real estate agency staff conducts all inspections in advance to provide customers with only legally clean housing.

Floors. Apartments on the first floor in Turkey are less valuable, and therefore sold cheaper. This is due to the high probability of theft and poor heating, depending on the type of building. Such housing is located in places with poor visibility and lack of panorama. If the apartment complex has good territory security, a garden and an arranged plot, it is more comfortable to live on the first floor than in a penthouse. Also, the first floor will be less affected by high seismic activity. It is also easier to move things and carry shopping.

Perspectives. It is recommended to study the infrastructure of the residential complex in advance, as well as the prospects for development. For example, there are shopping and entertainment centers, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants nearby. It is important to have pharmacies and other amenities within walking distance.

Many apartment complexes have an enclosed space with its own infrastructure. There are swimming pools, sports centers and gyms on the territory of such buildings. There is a monthly fee for additional amenities, which is used to improve and maintain comfortable living conditions.

Transaction Details

Real estate agency deals with the sale of apartments in Turkey from the developer or on the secondary market. Different variants for purchase are available. Beforehand, our employees conduct inspections of all constructions to avoid problems with the acquisition. Take into account such characteristics:

Availability of cheap housing. With a minimum budget is difficult to buy a good property in Antalya or Istanbul. It is better not to risk buying cheap real estate. Comfortable apartments are priced higher. Without inspections there is a risk of running into scammers, which threatens a lot of money.

Buying a property under construction is cheaper. Initially a deposit of 10% of the total cost of the apartment is made. After the completion of construction, the customer pays the full amount, receives the right of ownership. Buying property only from reputable companies and developers.

Drawing up a power of attorney. In some cases, instead of issuing a certificate of title, scammers draw power of attorney. As a result, the buyer does not receive the property. As a rule, foreigners do not know Turkish, so they do not have the opportunity to read the text of the contract. The transaction is always formalized in two languages and notarized.

Check of documents. Prior to the purchase of the property, all the documents on the object shall be studied. This is necessary in order to determine the collateral. There are cases, when the owners try to sell someone else’s apartment, or a room with a big mortgage.

Maintenance of the property. The cost of apartments in Turkey on the primary market is usually lower. At the same time you often have to pay an additional maintenance fee.

Stay Property company will help with all stages of buying. This will help avoid problems with paperwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of real estate depends on various factors. As a rule, small apartments on the outskirts are cheaper. An apartment will cost 50-60 thousand dollars.
It is possible to obtain a residence permit prior to the purchase of real estate for 1 year on TAPU. Every year this period is extended. After 5 years there is an opportunity to get citizenship.
This is the official document that shows the ownership of real estate in Turkey.