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Apartments by installments

  • In the Database are 86 Properties
  • Updated 24.09.2021
  • Rooms: 1+1
  • Gross: 53 m2
  • 70.000 €
  • 1321 €/m2
  • Rooms: 2+1
  • Gross: 110 m2
  • 120.000 €
  • 1091 €/m2
  • Rooms: 1+1
  • Gross: 65 m2
  • 58.000 €
  • 892 €/m2
  • Rooms: 2+1
  • Gross: 118 m2
  • from 110.000 €
  • 932 €/m2
  • Rooms: Studio
  • Gross: 38.5 m2
  • от 60.000 €
  • 1558 €/m2
  • Rooms: 2+1
  • Gross: 120 m2
  • 145.000 €
  • 1208 €/m2
  • Rooms: 1+1
  • Gross: 60 m2
  • 165.000 €
  • 2750 €/m2
  • Rooms: 1+1
  • Gross: 55 m2
  • from 91.000 €
  • 1655 €/m2
  • Rooms: 3+1 / 3+2
  • Gross: 159 m2
  • 200.000 €
  • 1258 €/m2
  • Rooms: 2+1
  • Gross: 107 m2
  • 149.000 €
  • 1393 €/m2
  • Rooms: 2+1
  • Gross: 130 m2
  • от 230.000 €
  • 1769 €/m2

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Umit Kozak

How to choose the right property in installments in Turkey?

The coast of Turkey attracts many potential buyers of real estate. Lack of large sums of money will not be a barrier to move and buy an apartment here. Developers often offer housing in installments. Company STAY PROPERTY will find you apartments, houses of the desired layout and area. In the catalog a lot of properties located in different regions of the country.  

Features of buying an apartment in Turkey 

Almost all developers before completion of construction, give an interest-free installments or loans at a minimal rate. Payments are tied to the execution of each stage. This motivates the contractor to complete the object on time. The investor, for his part, controls the clause prescribed in the contract.

Some developers offer a good installment plan for up to five years after the completion of the house. The interest rate is not high. Turkish banks also give loans for completed properties.

Interest rates vary. Their size is determined by the financial institutions. It depends on the currency. More reliable and profitable to use credit in euros. Buying an apartment in Turkey, the investor is sufficient to have 20-50% of the value of the property, the financial income to repay the obligations.

Advantageous location of the property

Demand seaside apartments and houses. Leading the way is the Mediterranean coast. Real estate in the Aegean beaches less interested in buyers. In demand the coast of the Sea of Marmara, mainly housing in Istanbul.

Real estate in Alanya, which is located near the hospitable Antalya, is popular. The season for tourists is April-November. The warm sea, covered heated swimming pools, and developed infrastructure contribute to a constant inflow of guests.

The company offers options:

for permanent residence;

as an investment;

Apartments for seasonal vacations.

Choose proposals on the price range, the area, location. It is profitable to buy apartments in Antalya, Istanbul, Bodrum, Alanya. STAY PROPERTY agency’s site has information about Turkish property. Buy perspective objects on our portal, concluding reliable deal with checked up developers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Developers offer interest-free programs with repayment until construction is completed.
Within an hour, if you have the necessary documents.
Yes, you can. The buyer signs a power of attorney with a notary for his representative, who collects the package of documents instead of the client.