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Umit Kozak

The nuances of owning an apartment by the sea

Many people invest in buying real estate abroad. Today Turkey – a country where you can buy an apartment by the sea at a good price. Agency STAY PROPERTY offers to become the owner of real estate on the first line of the Turkish coast. In walking distance – the promenade or the beach.

Profitable purchase

Buying a house in Turkey by the sea – a good choice. First of all, the area is geographically warm all year round. It is not cold, even in winter. In the summer heat blows sea cool air.

These apartments are easier to rent out during the holiday season and earn money. So it is profitable to buy property on the coast from every point of view. The scenery is good for peace of mind. The sound of the surf is soothing, and the salty air is good for your health. To have your own place is not to adjust to the schedule of hotels.

Landlords in Turkey, apply for citizenship, live permanently, or come on vacation. Residential complexes from the developer are built on 1 line. Inside the facilities are sports fields, swimming pools, recreation areas, hamams, learning centers for children.

Advantages of real estate by the sea

Actively developing residential developments within walking distance of sandy beaches. There are projects with their own beach. The coastal line is separated by road. There are pedestrian and underground crossings. There are objects near the sea with its own access to the beach.

The positive sides of the first line:

A plot by the sea is always appreciated;

walking distance to the Mediterranean, which is comfortable for people of all ages;

panoramic view of the sea.

Housing on the coast of Turkey is surrounded by clear water. On the other side of the apartments are usually framed by foothills of mountains and pine forests. Here, the sun shines all year round. There are no industries, the air is environmentally friendly. All this provides excellent opportunities for living near the sea.

Agency STAY PROPERTY offers to buy property in Turkey: by the sea, on the secondary market, in a new building. In the catalog of properties are available for all budgets. Our agency will choose a house by the sea, arrange a study tour. Buy apartment on the sunny seashore, having estimated favourable conditions of the deal!

Frequently asked questions

One time you have to pay 4% of the declared value of the object.
Today the demand is in Alanya, which is actively developing, attracts housing developments within walking distance of the beaches. There are projects in the Demirtas area.
The Mediterranean climate is fertile, it is comfortable to live here at any time of year.