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Оплату можно произвести в наших офисах: Аланья, Москва, Нур-Султан, Алма-Ата.
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How to choose the right property from the builder in Alanya?

The Turkish real estate market is actively developing. Builders are constructing many quality buildings. There are houses and apartments for sale, varying in size and layout. Most are surrounded by developed plots of land. New apartment buildings are ready for occupancy. They are equipped with furniture and well-maintained yard area. STAY PROPERTY offers apartments in Turkey at good prices. 

Profitable purchase

Today, the construction of Turkish residential complexes is carried out massively. Constructed buildings have a complete infrastructure, including sports halls, stores. Objects – apartments and apartments of various layouts. There is a choice of variants for every budget.

In apartment complexes buyers are given a living area with sanitary engineering and repair. You can immediately move in and live in comfort. The apartment from the builder is profitable to buy at the construction stage. The opportunity to use this housing occurs after the completion of construction.

Such a purchase of real estate is considered economical. The cost of the area is low compared to other options for the purchase of housing. Builders offer property to foreigners in installments.

The advantages of buying an apartment

Ready-made housing can be expensive. You can move in immediately when the apartment is purchased with finishing and furnishing. Buying a living space in a new building is a safe type of real estate transaction. In this case, there are no intermediaries. The contract is signed with the developer.

The positive sides:

the price is lower at the stage of construction works;

In the case of insufficient funds for the purchase of housing offered installments;

the warm climate of the Mediterranean;

a simplified visa regime;

a wide range of real estate for sale: apartments, duplexes, villas, penthouses;

clean sea and well-maintained beaches;

rapid issuance of residence permits.

Construction companies have craftsmen, appropriate equipment for the repair. With independent work will have to rent equipment, hire a crew, and that comes with the additional risk. Usually, the finish is done by the builder within one to two months. Doing it yourself takes longer, and the final cost will increase several times.

Turnkey housing

You can buy a home or business premises. STAY PROPERTY is considered a developer of properties for sale. In the catalog there are favorable offers:

apartments – 1-, 2-, 3-bedroom, studios, in low-rise residential complexes;

Penthouses – occupy the upper floors;

Townhouses – in suburban settlements;

Small houses in the center and out of town;

villas by the sea for permanent residence.

STAY PROPERTY agency will find the best properties according to your requirements. Buy real estate in Turkey from the builder, and be sure of favourable conditions of the deal!


STAY PROPERTY offers a study tour. The company covers all costs of the tour if the property is purchased.
The right to own real estate is confirmed by the TAPU.
The only document you need is your passport. The rest of the documents are prepared on the spot. Of course, the money!