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Apartments on Cyprus

Оплату можно произвести в наших офисах: Аланья, Москва, Нур-Султан, Алма-Ата.
За подробностями обратитесь к нашему менджеру.
  • In the Database are 1 Properties
  • Updated 07.10.2020
  • Rooms: 2+1
  • Gross: 70 m2
  • 159.000 €
  • 2271 €/m2

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How to choose a property in Cyprus?

For those who are interested in buying property abroad, it will be profitable to buy an apartment in Northern Cyprus. This paradise is suitable for permanent residence and business. Agency STAY PROPERTY offers to buy property on the coast inexpensively. Catalog consists of proposals of apartments in various stages of construction.

Choice of property

Today, from the developer for sale apartments in North Cyprus. Buyers are attracted real estate at a comfortable price, good environment, warm climate, an abundance of fruit all year round, developed infrastructure, quality medicine and education. Adapting here is quick.

Our agency offers to buy property objects:

apartments of small meterage – 1 +1;

Apartments with two bedrooms on the beach;

Townhouses and villas with pools;

Land from the owner;

secondary housing;

commercial real estate.

The purchase is easy to arrange a loan, which is issued for up to 10 years. In this case, you need a bank guarantee builder. For an evaluation of future investments book a free study tour. Agents of our company accompany the client to view the property in Cyprus.

Popular buying locations

Most properties are located on the Mediterranean coast and the foothills of Cyprus. In different cities and districts, the level of comfort is close to European. Developers offer these options:

Kyrenia. This is one of the major port cities of Turkey and a popular place to buy a home.

Iskele. The area is quiet, surrounded on three sides by the sea. The famous Long Beach is located here.

Famagusta. A beautiful natural area away from the noise of the city.

Esentepe. The city is rapidly developing, with lots of clean beaches and a good infrastructure.

Gaziveren. A good area for investment. Ecologically clean area for permanent residence. Available restaurants, children’s and sports grounds, stores.

Buy can be a house near the sea, a comfortable apartment in a small building on the coast, as well as apartments with access to the beach. STAY PROPERTY team offers the best properties. Buy a home in North Cyprus, and appreciate the safety and speed of service!

Frequently Asked Questions

Housing in the Northern region is cheaper. There is a mild climate and comfortable living conditions.
All members of the family. The document is valid for one year.
It is necessary to obtain a work visa or permission from the authorities to open a business.