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Duplexes from the developer in Turkey

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  • In the Database are 148 Properties
  • Rooms: 3+1 / 3+2
  • Gross: 220 m2
  • 242.000 €
  • 1100 €/m2

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Дуплексы от застройщика в Турции

In Turkey there are different options for luxury housing for investors and foreign tourists. There are comfortable apartments and villas, which are built according to the standards. They are sold with reliable finishing, availability of furniture and appliances. All houses have communication lines, installed plumbing. The buyer receives a finished home with the repair, which immediately moves in after the payment. Duplexes in Turkey – a familiar option for local residents, which is characterized by the convenience and infrastructure development in the vicinity. Such accommodations are almost all new apartment complexes.

Duplex – is a duplex apartment, which has a staircase connecting several floors. The housing is suitable for those who do not intend to spend money on a villa or a large house by the sea.

Company Stay Property will help you choose a property from the developer in new buildings. There are different variants of planning and equipment. As a rule, the apartments have all the amenities for life. Swimming pools, playgrounds, stores, and other buildings are available.


Duplexes in Turkey are comfortable two-story apartments. In new apartment complexes are often found similar proposals. It is possible to buy an apartment for several owners, which is beneficial for friends or family.

Available options for the arrangement of duplexes:

Upper. The apartment, which occupies the last two floors of the building. The window offers a panoramic view of the city, the sea or nature. Such housing is called a penthouse. Popular among tourists who prefer peace and quiet.

Lower. This apartment occupies the first two floors of a new building. It does not offer such a beautiful panoramic view, as in the first option.

Straight. This is a variant of the layout, in which the transition to the second floor is done by climbing stairs.

Reverse. Stairs are used when you need to go down to the floor below.

The option of layout depends on the preferences and capabilities of the buyer. As a rule, penthouses will cost more. There are beautiful views from the windows. Such apartments are more spacious and comfortable to live in.


Duplex apartments are convenient for connoisseurs of large space. Here all the rooms are divided into separate secluded zones, which is optimal for families. Among the advantages are the following:

The possibility of distributing living areas in the apartment. The first floor is the front zone. Here there is a living room, kitchen, office or other guest rooms. There are also auxiliary extensions. On the second floor is placed the living area – the bedroom and children’s room. Private and front space are separated.

The presence of the stairs. It is used for decorating and zoning the space. Such an element gives the interior luxury and wealth, makes the apartment elite. Spiral staircases are often used for furnishings. They save usable space, look beautiful, and do not fit every layout. Spiral staircases are not used in rooms where there are small children or elderly people. Stairs take up to 15% of the living space, but with the large size of the rooms it is imperceptible.

Large space. The area exceeds 100-150 square meters. This creates space for design decisions and the furnishing of the apartment.

Non-standard layout. It is possible to use rooms for the realization of design ideas. They are decorated in different styles. Furniture, decorative details and various appliances are used. Often, stretch multi-level ceilings are used to decorate living rooms.

Choosing a duplex apartment is a solution for those who appreciate the free space. There are different options for housing in Turkey with a sea view.

Choice of property

Buy a duplex in Turkey is beneficial for those who plan to live in this country or to rent the object. Buying a home from the builder – an option that allows you to save money. The price of construction is within 100 thousand euros. All new duplexes are located in residential complexes with developed infrastructure. Nearby there are all the amenities, sports fields and even swimming pools.

When choosing, various factors are taken into account. For large families choose duplexes with a large area and spacious bedrooms. To make a beautiful layout with a view of nature or the sea, additional repairs will be required. It is better to buy penthouses located on the upper levels. The quality of construction and location of the property are taken into consideration. The convenience of living and the need to buy your own transport depends on this.

Frequently asked questions

Property tax in Turkey at the time of purchase is 4%.
As a rule, payments to the real estate agency do not exceed 3% if the purchase is made.
Duplexes are two-story buildings that are popular with foreigners. This is a great opportunity to invest money in housing.