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Apartment for sale in Turkey

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Как правильно выбрать недвижимость от застройщика в Турции??

There are many apartments and villas on the Turkish real estate market. This is due to the standards of construction. Apartments in Turkey are apartments in apartment complexes. The layout is standard and atypical (depending on the developer). Buy an apartment in Turkey favorable to those who plan to move to live in the country with a residence permit or to rent real estate.

The name “apartments” originated after the country became a resort area for foreigners. They called the housing “apartment”. Translated into Russian it means “apartment”. This word combination began to be actively used to refer to the living space in apartment complexes. So there is no difference between the concepts of “apartment” and “apartment” in Turkey.

Company Stay Property offers housing from the developer in the catalog. Property meets all safety standards. The staff will help you with all the documents.

The differences between apartments from apartments

Apartments in Turkey are ordinary apartments, which meet European standards. Most real estate in Alanya is built “turnkey” with quality finishing, kitchen furniture and appliances, equipped with a bathroom.

Different floor coverings such as ceramic, granite, marble, parquet are used. Walls are painted with water-resistant paints. Wallpaper is not used in new buildings, as they are difficult to care for. The ceiling is painted or equipped with a decorative cornice over the entire parameter. Metal-plastic windows are installed. The entrance doors are metal doors. There are several locks for home security, outlets for electricity, telephone cable, satellite TV and other communications. The wiring is prepared for connection of the air conditioning system in cases where it is not installed. The air conditioner is designed for each room in the apartment.

As a rule, most apartments already have a washing machine and dishwasher. This is economy class housing. Luxury real estate includes more extras. Such apartments are already sold with appliances, connected Internet, satellite TV and other amenities for comfortable living.

An apartment is a living space that consists of several rooms. Apartments with different floor plans are available. This is a popular type of real estate in the primary and secondary market. Developers prefer to build apartment complexes for foreigners and locals.

Types of apartments

In apartments often the living room is combined with the kitchen. The number of rooms is counted only in terms of living space. The living room is not counted in the overall layout. The area is more than 50 square meters. There are several bathrooms with a bathtub and a shower room. The apartments often build terraces with sliding doors.

The following layout options are presented:

0+1 is a studio apartment. Represents the living space, combined with a kitchen. There is a bathroom. The area is up to sixty square meters.

1+1 – this layout includes a living room, kitchen and bedroom. There is also a bathroom with all necessary conveniences. The total area is 70 square meters.

2 +1 – living room is combined with the kitchen. There are two living rooms and two bathrooms. The area is 100 square meters.

3 +1 – living room combined with kitchen. In this apartment there are three bedrooms. There is also one or more bathrooms. The area reaches one hundred and fifty square meters.

Each option has a standard layout. Typically, the apartments have large loggias and balconies. Some of the units have terraces and Jacuzzi in the bathrooms.

New apartments are located in apartment complexes from the developer. All living space is sold with repairs, plumbing, rooms, equipped with furniture and appliances for housing. Different types of amenities are available.

Selection Criteria

Our real estate agency is selling apartments in Turkey. Residential property has the same price as other properties. Before buying the property evaluated the parameters:

Location of the object. Houses on the outskirts of the city or in the provincial areas are cheaper compared to the apartments in the center.

The configuration of the residential complex. The cost of real estate in new buildings is slightly higher.

The area of the apartment. There are options with a choice of layout depending on the wishes of the tenant.

Additional services. If there are additional services in the apartment is required to pay for it.

Infrastructure. Most apartments are located in developed areas with all amenities.

Choosing an apartment in Turkey requires careful attention. Stay Property staff can help you choose apartments that meet all your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of real estate depends on the area in which the purchase is planned. As a rule, the average price of housing is 100 thousand dollars.
A passport is required for purchase. All other documents are issued on the basis of passport data.
The apartments include all the amenities and are located in elite areas. Such real estate meets international standards.