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After Sales service

The sale and purchase transaction was successful, and you became the proud owner of Turkish real estate. The main formalities are behind, but there are also many nuances ahead that the specialists of the STAY PROPERTY agency will always help you to solve. We offer a complete after-sales service. Our task is not only to help our clients buy an apartment profitably, but also to make the ownership process as convenient and simple as possible, and adapting in a new country as comfortable as possible.

Furnishing of the apartment and furnishing

Apartments in Turkey are most often presented for sale on a turnkey basis. This means that you will not experience problems with repairs, and you can move to housing immediately after processing the documents. You just need to take care of the environment: buy and start furniture, household appliances, as well as other little things, home decor. There are a lot of similar products in Turkish stores, but the buying process will be difficult if you do not speak at least basic spoken English.

STAY PROPERTY provides the services of a guide-interpreter who will help you buy everything you need, as well as get additional services in local stores: discounts, extended warranty and much more.

The purchase of furniture can be carried out both personally with the client, and remotely through catalogs, if at this stage you are not yet able to come to Turkey. All the necessary details can be easily agreed on the Internet, and our specialists will make direct purchases, take over the process of coordinating the delivery and placement of purchased goods inside the apartment.

Cleaning and cleaning

Before your arrival, we are always ready to organize a general cleaning and cleaning of an apartment or house, so that everything shines with cleanliness on arrival, and you can immediately enjoy your vacation in your new home without wasting time putting it in order.

Services for concluding contracts for subscription services

After purchasing real estate, it is necessary to conclude an agreement for the provision of energy supply, water supply, Internet, mobile communications. These activities also take time and are rather troublesome for a person who does not speak Turkish. STAY PROPERTY specialists will take care of all the worries related to the execution of subscription agreements and their support.

Checking the technical condition of the equipment

If necessary, the company’s specialists will check the condition of the water supply system, air conditioning systems and electrical equipment after concluding a subscription service agreement. In the event of a malfunction, a repair service specialist will be called to eliminate them as soon as possible.

Renovation and finishing

Often a new owner wants to alter something “for himself”, make repairs, change the design. The STAY PROPERTY company employs repair managers who will help you quickly draw up an estimate and a list of works, as well as monitor the implementation process. Only experienced professionals with experience are involved in the work for finishing, so you can be sure that the result will meet all expectations and high quality standards.


Often, real estate in Turkey is not purchased for year-round use. While you are leaving the country for a long time, you will be offered rental services in order to generate additional income. Our company has a database of already proven tenants with recommendations. If necessary, experts will always help you meet and settle in your apartment for your relatives, colleagues or friends who want to relax in Turkey in your absence.

Transport service

Our experts will always help you rent a car or advise on its purchase. With our help, you can visit the largest car dealerships, use the services of an interpreter when buying a car from a private person, and also get comprehensive legal support when registering a vehicle.

Insurance services

At STAY PROPERTY you can insure your car, real estate, as well as the health of you and all your family members. Experts will help you choose the best insurance plan so that in the event of an insured event, you do not have any problems with obtaining the required compensation, and there are no inconveniences.


Upon request, the after-sales service can arrange airport transfers for you and your guests, as well as a personal driver.

We will help you get the maximum of pleasant impressions and benefits from your own real estate in Turkey, easily adapt to a new country and environment.


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