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On this page, you can read the latest news from Stay Property (including our latest property offers), news in general and other items that we hope you will find of interest.

Bali or Turkey — where to buy property?
It is impossible to compare the Indonesian island of Bali and Turkey for relocation. The level of the economy, in general, key indicators are incomparable. Eat, Pray, Love VS Live, Rest, WorkA low-rise, rustic, purely tourist and agricultural island lapped by the Seas o...
How to buy property in Turkey if you have no enough money now?
Tourist residence permit in Turkey, with its extension of 5 years, does not give the right to obtain citizenship. But the residence permit of the property owner is suitable for subsequent naturalization – obtaining citizenship on the basis of long-term residence i...
Real estate in Gazipasa — discovery of the year 2022 and trend of 2023
Gazipasha (Gazipaşa) is located 20 km from Alanya, it is a separate city with its own districts and a population of about 60 thousand people. Tourism here is minimal today, local residents are engaged in agriculture. There are no industrial enterprises, the ecological s...
Profitable apartment in Alanya. Prices, choice, nuances
In the first year of renting an apartment on the sea in Alanya, you can count on 10% per annum in €. And then – more if the apartment has advantages and develops its clientele for recommendations.How to choose profitable real estate, how to rent it out and who wil...
How many foreigners live in Turkey in 2023
In 2022, there have been changes in obtaining a residence permit in Turkey and citizenship by investment. Requirements are tightening, many refusals to obtain and extend a tourist residence permit for renting real estate, according to which many have lived in a country ...
Happy New Year 2023!
Dear friends!🎄 New Year is a wonderful holiday and a symbolic time for plans for the future!  Stay Property team wishes everyone the fulfillment of desires, and especially the most daring ones 🙂🎉 Wish you all your plans come true next year with ease and positive emotion...
Turkish citizenship for several apartments will not be given? New myths
Recently, some sources published information on changes in Turkish legislation on obtaining citizenship by foreigners when buying real estate. And one of the points indicated that allegedly it would now be possible to obtain citizenship by purchasing several different o...
Events in Alanya in December 2022. Where to go
The annual large-scale Christmas Fair will be held on December 17 and 18. This is one of the most grandiose, fun and unforgettable events in the city, with the participation of diasporas of foreign residents, concerts, a special atmosphere on the eve of the new year. Th...
Tax Costs Will Rise. Turkey Real Estate Market News
Decision No. 6294, signed by the President of Turkey on the approval of the annual program for 2023, was published in the Official Bulletin, which means that it came into force.Previously, there was a big difference between the real market value at the time of the trans...
What’s New in Turkey in October. Life in Alanya
Let’s start with the “painful topic”:Insurance companies have increased prices for medical insurance for residence permits by 50% since October 19.To uphold the country’s reputation, the Turkish authorities are criminalizing the dissemination of ...


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