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Inspection Tour with Stay Property

If you are thinking about purchasing a property in Turkey, we recommend you consider joining us on an Inspection Tour; this will enable you to view all properties of interest up close and personal and at the same time, give you a taste of all that Alanya has to offer (after all, more than 45,000 foreign property owners can not be wrong)!

Any investment into overseas property requires a not inconsiderable amount of thought and commitment and the only way to ensure that you are making the right decision is to view in person a selection of properties that might provide the answer to your search for your dream home in the sun.

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Why You should choose an Inspection Tour with Stay Property?

STAY PROPERTY are a both a real estate developer and agent, offering a comprehensive range of real estate investment and advisory services. Whilst we focus on the beautiful resort town of Alanya, we can – through our national partner network – offer property in all other popular regions of Turkey.

Stay Property – your one-stop service for all things real estate related in Alanya and beyond.

What are the Components of a Stay Property Inspection Tour?

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The Request.

You should send us notification that you are interested in an Inspection Tour and advise those dates that are most suitable. Your personal Portfolio Manager will then set the wheels in motion by contacting you personally. Once dates have been agreed and flights confirmed, your Portfolio Manager will then start to prepare a shortlist of projects in accordance with your pre-advised property selection criteria.

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Reception at the Airport.

Upon arrival at the airport, a chauffeur will be waiting to transfer you to Alanya. Depending on your time of arrival, you shall be transferred directly to either your accommodation or the Stay Property office (this will be confirmed prior to travel). Accommodation will either be a comfortable hotel on an all inclusive basis or a luxury Stay Property apartment.

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Compiling a Shortlist of Property.

Even before arrival, you will have discussed (with your Portfolio Manager), the types of property that are of most interest and he or she will have made a shortlist of properties likely to be most suitable. This shortlist can be discussed in finer detail during your first visit to the office; this shortlist is not definitive – after further consultation with your Portfolio Manager, it may be that we refine this shortlist.

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City Excursion.

Not only will your Portfolio Manager accompany you to view a selection of property, he or she will also be with you to introduce to you the delights of Alanya, enabling you to soak up the atmosphere, visit a number of sites for which the city is famous and get a real feel for why more than 45,000 foreigners have chosen to buy a home here.

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Inspection of Property.

Visit all properties on your refined shortlist. In most cases, after initial viewing of all properties (and with the assistance of the Portfolio Manager), most clients reduce the shortlist down and re-visit those properties of most interest.

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Review of all Properties viewed and Finer Negotiation.

At this point, we would hope that you will have found your dream home in the sun! If this is the case, it is at this point that we move on to business, discussing the finer details such as payment plan and price inclusives etc.

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Signing of an Agreement.

The sales agreement is signed and a pre-payment is made of between 5 – 30% of the final purchase price (this % is dependent on the actual Seller' terms and can be adjusted based on the client's status).

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Transfer to the Airport.

At the end of the Inspection Tour, you will met at your hotel (or apartment) and transferred back to the airport for the return home.

Terms of an Inspection Tour:

Flight Tickets.

The client is responsible for paying for flight tickets, outbound either to Antalya or Gazipaşa (both serve Alanya).

Free Inspection trip.

Should a Stay Property guest decide to buy property as a result of an Inspection Tour, then the Tour shall be free of charge (except flight tickets). If, at the end of the Tour, a sales agreement has not been signed, then the cost of the trip will be €300 per person.

Trip Duration – 3 nights/4 days.

Duration of a standard Inspection Tour is 3 days and 4 nights. This may be increased depending on the client – for example, the client may wish to extend the trip by a few days in order to relax once he or she has viewed all suitable properties.

Comprehensive Support Services.

The company provides a full range of services within the scope of legal and administrative support. Experts are on hand to register new ownership of real estate in accordance with Turkish law and are obliged to complete this registration in the shortest time possible.

Flexible Payment Terms.

The whole of the property purchase price may be paid immediately in one sum at the offices of Stay Property (this may result in a discount). Alternatively, the property can be secured with a pre payment of between 5% - 30%, depending on the actual Seller's terms. Another option, depending on the status of the property, is that the client takes advantage of a payment plan, paying in installments over a fixed time frame. When full payment has been made, the client will be given due notice to return to Turkey in order that the property title deed (Tapu) can be registered.

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