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  • Rooms: 1+1
  • Gross: 55 m2
  • from 81.000 €
  • 1473 €/m2
  • Rooms: 1+1
  • Gross: 55 m2
  • from 95.000 €
  • 1727 €/m2
  • Rooms: 1+1
  • Gross: 53 m2
  • 77.500 €
  • 1462 €/m2
  • Rooms: 1+1
  • Gross: 55 m2
  • 67.000 €
  • 1218 €/m2
  • Rooms: 1+1
  • Gross: 43 m2
  • 98.000 €
  • 2279 €/m2
  • Rooms: 1+1
  • Gross: 58 m2
  • 95.000 €
  • 1638 €/m2
  • Rooms: 1+1
  • Gross: 55 m2
  • 142.000 €
  • 2582 €/m2

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  • Rooms: 1+1
  • Gross: 55 m2
  • 90.000 €
  • 1636 €/m2
  • Rooms: 1+1
  • Gross: 110 m2
  • от 66.000 €
  • 600 €/m2
  • Rooms: 3+1 / 3+2
  • Gross: 157 m2
  • от 295.000 €
  • 1879 €/m2
  • Rooms: 2+1
  • Gross: 102 m2
  • from 89.000 €
  • 873 €/m2

5 reasons to buy property in Alanya from Stay Property:

Profitable price

Profitable price

The cost of an apartment or villa from the construction company will be much more profitable compared to similar real estate on resale.

Large selection of Properties

Large selection of Properties

In our portfolio you can choose property for every taste and budget, from small apartments to luxury penthouses and villas on the Mediterranean coast.

Full pre-sale service and time saving

Full pre-sale service and time saving

Our clients get the opportunity to arrange real estate as soon as possible, without worrying about legal nuances. Specialists will take care of all the tasks associated with legal registration and pre-sale preparation.

Impeccable reputation

Impeccable reputation

Only positive feedback on cooperation, the search for individual solutions for each client. We value the reputation, so we offer the most honest and transparent work environment at a consistently favorable terms.

Legal review

Legal review

Before adding property to the company’s portfolio, Real Estate undergoes a mandatory check for legal cleanliness and actual condition. You can be sure of the reliability of the chosen solution and the safety of investments.

Turkey apartments

Properties in Turkey

The most favorable and affordable offers only with Stay Property.




Good afternoon. In January 2021, he purchased an apartment in Alanya. I would like to express my gratitude to the managers of Stay Property – Olga and Dmitry, excellent specialists in their field, plus everything decent, responsive and open in communication. They accompanied me at all stages of the transaction when buying an apartment from the choice to the execution of all the documents, provided advice on some issues of life and living in the Republic of Turkey, for which Olga and Dmitry once again thank you very much. For potential buyers of real estate in Alanya I recommend the above-mentioned specialists of the companies – Stay Property.


I would like to express my enormous gratitude to the sales manager of Stay Property – Ilona! She is an excellent specialist in her field and a very good person. She accompanied me at all stages of the purchase of an apartment – from the choice to the preparation of all documents, and answered many of my questions quickly and competently. And besides, Ilona is a very responsible employee and a very pleasant person to talk to. I recommend this specialist to all buyers. And I wish Ilona success in everything, Stay Property further prosperity !!!

Grigory Kislov

My immense gratitude to Stay Property for their direction and assistance in my quest to purchase property in Alanya – finally, my dream has been realized, to move to a country with a super climate and without the snow and frost of winter. My motivation was the fact that my children had become very sick and my doctor advised a move to a more favourable climate. Special thanks to Cristina for her assistance, her attentiveness and professionalism, and for the patient answers to all my many questions.

Vladislav Raskolnikov
A while back when in Moscow, i contacted Stay Property about buying real estate in Turkey. I was looking for an apartment in Alanya and with their help, decided to purchase a 3+1 apartment – with sea views – in the Mahmutlar region. Now, after having the whole family join me, we now consider Turkey our home and will be looking to renew our residency permits very soon. Many thanks to the managers Ulyana and Svetlana for their professionalism.

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StayProperty – your reliable partner
The STAY PROPERTY portfolio is arguably the largest available amongst the leading companies in the region. Chic studio’s, classy apartments, stunning penthouses, imposing villas and a whole lot more! Whatever your requirements, our property specialists will offer you only those options that come closest to meeting all of your requirements – whether it’s close to nightlife or your preference is for peace and tranquility, we are sure we have the right property for you.
1100 properties in portfolio
16 exclusive projects and own constructions
The most dynamically developing company in the region
Team of professionals
Our Specialists
Our primary principle of operation is to put the client interests first and foremost at all times – after all, it is our hard-won reputation that is at stake! We appreciate that each client will have different property selection criteria – we will listen carefully to these before embarking on any property search. You will then be offered a selection of properties that match or come closest to matching your specified criteria. Seek and you shall find!

Contact us!

To discuss all aspects of buying property in Turkey, contact us as below

Umit Kozak

Our Official Representations:

HQ in Alanya (Oba)

Phone: +90-530-178-2902
Email: office@stayproperty.com
Address. Alanya, Oba Mah., Mesut Jad., e. 54/A

Office in Moscow

Phone: +7-916-654-3407
Email: msk@stayproperty.com
Address: Moscow, 3rd street Yamskoe Pole, d. 9 korp. 6. Room H 101

Office in Kyiv

  The information will be updated soon.

Office in Kazakhstan

Phone: +7-700-155-72-19

Email: asel@staypropertykz.com

Address: Almaty, 210 Dostyk ave, Business center “Koktem Grand” floor 1.

Buying Direct from the Developer – how to make the right property choice?

Demand for real estate in Turkey among foreigners has increased in recent years. Today, many people invest in the purchase of real estate. All buildings meet international quality standards, are built with the best location, so it is a profitable investment for the future.

Company Stay Property will help you to buy property in Turkey, taking into account all stages of the transaction. There is a wide range of properties from developers. Check the documents and legal clearance of the property. All deals are done only after thorough inspections. Available buildings from reputable developers who offer comfortable prices per square meter.

Choice of property for purchase

In Turkey, there are some rules and restrictions on the purchase of real estate for foreigners. There are some areas which are restricted to buildings for security reasons of the country. As a rule, coastal tourist areas near the sea are popular among tourists. They are suitable for life, represent the different options for buildings.

Buying property in Turkey is possible after preliminary study of the market. To do this, you should read the catalog, which presents apartments in different areas. All options differ in price and living conditions. Real estate complies with international standards, characterized by the presence of European style renovations.

To search for housing should filter the results on the desired criteria. This allows you to narrow down the range of suitable apartments. Contact a Stay Property real estate agency that owns the necessary licenses. They will help you find a legally clean property, organize a tour to view the available apartments or houses.

Procedure for making a deal

The purchase of real estate takes place in several stages. First, the client with the help of a realtor finds a suitable property. After that, the details for the deal are studied. Then proceed to the registration of the contract and documents.

Conclusion of the contract

The first stage of the buyer and seller conclude an agreement. They stipulate all the terms of the deal. The terms of payment and receipt of the property are described. A passport is needed to sign the contract. The text is written in several copies and in two languages. The contract will take effect only after the notary certification and receipt of the title deed. After signing the contract the buyer pays a deposit of 10% of the total value of the property.

Document preparation

To confirm the transaction will need to collect a package of documents and get a TAPU. It is also possible to take a power of attorney from a realtor to confirm the transaction by a third party. For a foreigner TIN is issued. This is done in the tax office. It is enough to write an application. The document is executed quickly. To make a deal requires opening a bank account. To this end, you need a passport, a code and a passport of the citizen of the country from which the buyer came. Many banks have Russian-speaking staff, so they will help in writing the application.

If necessary, it is required to obtain permission from the state authorities. A realtor helps with the formalities.


Real estate is paid in euros, dollars, Turkish liras. Prices are often quoted in international currencies. Currency exchange takes place by personal agreement with the seller. To do this, just go to one of the exchange offices.

The transfer of ownership

Representatives of the transaction meet at the Cadastral Office. Here, the buyer is given a document of ownership. Before this, all taxes must be paid.

Drawing up a contract for services

At the last stage, it is required to execute all utility contracts for the new owner. When registering a property from a builder, it is also necessary to draw up a technical passport for the housing.

The advantages of real estate from the developer

Property for sale in Turkey from the developer – a good option for a foreigner. It is a guarantee that the housing will be new. Also, new buildings are characterized by well-developed infrastructure and amenities. Among the advantages are the following:

Real estate is sold when the construction is fully completed. This reduces the risk of fraud and guarantees the quality of new housing. It is easier to cooperate and sign contracts with developers.

When buying during construction there is an opportunity to make changes in the layout, if the situation requires it.

Good infrastructure and all amenities. The cost of real estate in Turkey allows you to buy a property without installments with minimal expenses.

Our real estate agency will choose the builder by all criteria. An apartment in Turkey – an attractive investment. It can be rented out or live in it personally.